online office ergonomics training course

Office Ergonomics training is about avoiding office-related injuries like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome through proper workstation setup and good daily practices. As a bonus, this online office ergonomics training includes ways to increase your productivity, by placing your most commonly used items at your fingertips.

You will learn the proper settings and how to adjust your:

  •  Workstation

  •  Computer monitor

  •  Keyboard

  •  Mouse

  •  Chair height, back angle, lumbar support
  • . . . and more.
Featuring 3D animation, sound, and Flash interactions, for an engaging learning experience.

Compliant with AICC and SCORM e-learning industry standards.
Estimated 15-25 minutes to complete.

Email or call us at 724.485.9598 for more information and volume discounts.

Enter your credit card and email address, and receive an email with your username and password. Easy!
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